University Level Seminar 1: Writing Workshop

Good Day Vlora!
We are very excited to announce the first university level seminar Smart Center is holding!
The seminar will be a writing workshop in English and will cover the processes involved in developing well written essays and theses at the university level. The topics used will be based on material from the TOEFL/IELTS exams.
As you know, prose style writing is essential for those students who wish to study at an English speaking university. Whether you want to go to the UK, U.S., Australia or any other English speaking university in Europe or the rest of the world, the ability to produce quality written essays in English is in high demand.
Why? Highly accredited universities, along with your credentials, want to see that their applicants have very good analytic and critical thinking skills.
They want to see that you can think critically about important abstract concepts. For example, how would Brexit affect a British tourism company’s performance which mainly does business with EU customers? Say new research in psychology suggests psychotherapy is wholly more effective than psychiatry. What are the benefits and pitfalls of both? Why? How does U.N. international law conflict with the sovereignty of individual nations? Why? Examples? Details?
There are many situations in which critical thinking is essential. Working professionals in all markets and industries want to see that you can think deeply and with considerable foresight in various circumstances. They want to see you’re able to think on your feet and think well.
They’re interested in essays that show critical, rational thinking but also intuition and creativity.
Through our writing workshop you will be challenged to do just that. You’ll be presented with topics on which you’ll have to formulate a well constructed, logical argument in written form that is concise, coherent and justified.
You’ll receive constructive feedback on both grammatical structure and the quality of your ideas.
This seminar is especially catered to those students seeking to study at universities abroad as the material used and discussed will be TOEFL/IELTS based. However, it is open to everyone.
So be sure to join us! Not only will we discuss the writing process in depth, you will be challenged to submit a piece of writing for review and revision.
So don’t miss out on this event, we at Smart Center love what we do and we’re with you every step of the way!
“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” – Henry David Thoreau
Alexander Loughead
Professional English Language Teacher/Coach

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  • University Level Seminar 1: Writing Workshop