TOEFL Test Prep

Hi , everyone !

AleksLet me introduce myself. My name is Aleksander and I attend Halim Xhelo high school, in Vlora. I have always studied really hard and I hope to study in the USA. But, the international students that want to pursue their studies there need the TOEFL degree . So, I needed to sit the TOEFL exam .
During the summer I had plenty of free time and decided to join an English course in order to get ready for the TOEFL.  A friend of mine advised me to go at Smart Center and I followed his advice . I went at Smart Center 1 and there I met teacher Eri. I told her everything about my future plans and she offered to help me with the preparation for the exam .
In this moment begins my preparation for the TOEFL. I began a special course and I was in the same group with a girl called Ilda . I don’t recall it well why , but Ilda couldn’t attend the classes any longer. I expected teacher Eri to cancel the course because I was the only one in the group . In fact most of the people would do it , but she didn’t . She didn’t cancel or postpone, but continued to teach me .
During this short period of time (about two months), I learned a lot about the TOEFL. But the time spent at Smart Center not only helped me with the exam, but also made me see the world and the life from another point of view . Some of the articles that teacher Eri gave me to read and the documentaries that I saw were really meaningful. They reminded me to live the present and not focus entirely on the future.
On 27th October I took the TOEFL exam and scored 103 points . I would be very happy even with 91 points because they are enough to study in the USA . However, I scored more and the help of teacher Eri was really significative on accomplishing this TOEFL goal . I wanted to thank her for her help and encouragement for the exam and to recommend those who want to learn English to choose Smart Center . The great results are guaranteed.