Summer Courses at Smart

Happy Summer Season, Vlonjatë!
Sa bukur është vendit pranë detit! Aulon/Avlona/Vlorë/Vlora, however you wish to say it, a city near the sea is a beautiful place to be.
For centuries, Aulon like Apollonia, has been a city of culture and education.
The expression “City of Light” refers not only to the literal meaning of a city full of sun with wonderful things that grow there, but also to the culture and education that emanates from such a city; “light” representing the sun, knowledge and wisdom.
We invite you to invest your time this summer learning at Smart!
In summer we offer courses for everyone and everything. In particular, English exam preparation courses are especially good to partake in summer. This downtime from your busy schedule allows you the opportunity to get ahead for the Autumn and Winter months. With the break from school you’re able to focus and concentrate without pressure, and achieve meaningful results in a short amount of time.
Love the sun? No worries! At Smart in summer we also have fun while learning! Because of the good weather, we include excursions e.g. museums, parks, historic places, etc. in our language courses!
How beautiful and exciting would it be to learn language, take adventures and explore culture all at the same time? That’s what we’ll be doing!
Learn language, explore culture and create memorable experiences with us this summer. We’d love to have you!
“The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates
Cheers dhe Mirupafshim,
Alexander Loughead
Smart Center Professor of English and German