Smart English Test – Full & Partial Version

Do you want to test your English language proficiency in Language Use, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking or are you more interested in taking just a partial version where only Language Use, Listening and Reading are tested?
With Smart English Test, you can choose to certify your English level in all language skills or you can take just a partial version where Language Use, Listening & Reading are only tested. Both versions of the test can be taken within the day.
If you are interested in taking the full test, you can register and take the SET within 2 hours and get your certificate in just 3 days. In case you are considering the partial version, it only lasts 70 minutes and you can learn the total score immediately.
The full version of SET costs just 35 euros and the partial test costs 30 euros. Students who don’t feel very comfortable with their language speaking and writing skills can choose to take the partial version of SET, although we strongly encourage them to work hard on improving their writing and speaking.
Take advantage of this web-based English Language test!  It’s flexible… It’s convenient… It’s easy…
So, it doesn’t matter whether you are looking to certify your full English language skills or just some part of it. Smart English Test has you covered.