Professional English Language Course

We are very pleased to inform you, that in addition to the plethora of services we offer, we will now offer Professional English Language Courses.
What exactly does this mean?
Professional English is the term used to refer to the language used in international business, science, diplomacy and any other context you can imagine where English is used on an international platform for professional services.
Often other language schools offer typical “Business English” courses which is essentially what we’re offeringAlex now with our Professional English courses.
However, the problem with typical “Business English” courses, the curriculum is too general and not tailored to the needs of the clients. For example a typical “Business English” course may offer material covering topics in telecom, marketing, logistics and web design.
But for employees of a large energy company (such as Gazprom) or a pharmaceutical company (such as Novartis), 2 – 3 chapters on telecommunications would be of no interest to these students.
So often, what clients need is English language use customized and specialized in their particular area of business or work. The employees of an energy company, for example, may need to discuss research and design of new pipelines, generators, conductors and energy infrastructure. Employees of a pharmaceutical company, for example, may need to learn how to convey the negative and positive effects of a particular medicine treating a very particular disease. Broad chapters on unrelated topics would surely not help these clients in any manner.
But with what we’re able to offer, we can help you in whichever situation you may be in and your course would be tailored to your needs so you can succeed and achieve your goals.
If you’re looking for a course in English geared toward learning about international business and economics on a broader spectrum, we can do that too. In this case we would, for example, research and analyze a variety of real life case studies in business where you’ll be challenged to identify a timeline of events, ethics and values, cause and effect explanations and well thought out, logically strong opinions of your reaction to the case(s) and perhaps what you would have done differently.
I, Alex, have worked with professionals from every industry you can imagine:
manufacturing, medical devices technology, pharmaceuticals, photovoltaic systems, renewable and fossil fuel energy, fiscal and environmental sustainability policy, advertising, tourism, supply chain management, food distribution, logistics and transport, automotive, agriculture, sales, product management, government/diplomacy, printing, education, marketing, telecommunications, restaurant management, hospitality management, contract negotiations, presentations, email correspondence, congresses and exhibitions just to name a few.
If there’s an industry/market not on this list you can think of, I’ve most likely had clients from that area as well. The majority of the clients I’ve had mainly needed help with speaking.
And so yes, after taking a course with me at Smart Center you will become very confident in your speaking abilities I assure you, I am specialized in helping people in this fashion.
Whatever your case may be, I assure you there is no task too big. Nothing is impossible and that’s exactly what we’ll be able to prove to you, more specifically, it’s what you will prove to yourself :).
So please inquire and ask as many questions as you need! We’d love you to come learn with us at Smart Center.
Alexander Loughead
Professional English Language Coach/Teacher