Global English

Global English

Do you find it easier to understand native English speakers or non-native ones? Do you prefer English/ American teachers to Albanian ones? How do you think I could help you improve your English? Please, share your thoughts on these and other questions you might have regarding the video. Enjoy!


  • Ajola says:

    I find myself better when I communicate with speakers of English, but I find problems to specific expressions. I had the opportunity to take lessons from the American professor, and I think it has improved the speech and understanding of the English language.

  • Eri B. says:

    Hey Ajola,
    It’s great to hear from you!
    Regarding your small problems I would only like to tell you that even English teachers face such problems :). The best thing you could do is: listen/ speak in English. The more you communicate, the easier it gets.
    See you at the weekend! 🙂

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