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Edra's Vision – A Professional English Course Description

Edra, a student of ours, is a perfect example of someone who has decided to take advantage of the Professional English Language Course we offer at Smart Center.
She works for a world-renowned humanitarian organization in Albania and she is taking a super intensive English course (three hours a day) to improve her speaking skills.
Now, she could just take any general English course and improve along those means. But as we have mentioned in previous posts, should Edra take a general English course she would most likely cover topics on: tourism, sales, hospitality, telecommunications or IT.
These are all topics completely unrelated to what she really needs.
Smart Center is able to offer something you cannot find anywhere else: customized language courses for your specific needs and goals.
The sort of language course Edra is taking at the moment is designed just for her. Daily she is challenged to think, analyze, critique and contemplate ideas and situations related to the context of her work. We cover terminology, case studies, economic theory and humanitarian advancement all in the context of her career.
Now this does not mean we offer English courses in humanitarian work in general, but this is the sort of course Edra needs so she can get onto the international platform and show the world how much she has to offer.
This is her vision, to work on an international level where she daily makes a difference in people’s lives, helping them achieve their dreams and desires of living the life they want.
Our mission is to help get her there and be there through thick and thin until she has made her dream, her vision, a reality.
This is what motivates us, doing good and bringing beneficial change to those who need it most.
“Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.” – C.S. Lewis
Alexander Loughead
Professional English Language Coach/Teacher