Certify your English with SET

Let’s face it… We know that English is one of the languages ​​most requested by employers and companies which is one of the reasons for you to certify your English Language so as to improve your Curriculum Vitae and make you excel to others with this prestigious and affordable examination.
If you are looking to certify your knowledge without having to take an English language course, Enroll for Smart English Test today!
Smart English Test is a web based English test that makes it fast and easy to certify your English proficiency on demand.
You can Take the test under 2 hours for just 35 Euros.
You will be able to easily test your English language proficiency in Language Use, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.
Smart English Test also gives you the flexibility to take a partial version where Language Use, Listening & Reading are only tested.
This test can be taken in just one day and you will get a certificate of your English ability within 3 days.
Be Confident with SET! Enroll and take your Smart English test today and get certified!
Details about SET:

Test Format: Language Use, Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking (Partial Format: Language Use, Listening & Reading)
Test Duration: 110 minutes (70 minutes for the Partial Format)
Test Fee: 35 euros (30 euros for the Partial Format).