At Smart Center Learning English is Loving English

Eri, my dear student, the one who every teacher would like to feel the pride and emotions of teaching. Eri, the young scientist, is below telling about her experience at Smart Center. Every single minute meant for me too, Eri. 
With love and affection, your teacher Eri ;)!
I had just graduated in Biological Sciences from the University of Genoa, Italy, when I came back on holiday in Vlora last year! I had an urgent need to improve my English because all the articles and the latest discoveries in the field of research were published in English. What I knew was not enough. I felt the desire to know more and to be able to express myself better in English.
The English language has a magic power over me, it makes me feel better every time I speak and if I do it well, I feel marvelous. On the other hand, I’m afraid to make mistakes and as a result I do not speak if I’m not sure . But this was not the biggest problem. The problem was that… I was on holiday and I deserved to enjoy my holidays!!! So, how could I study English hard in few days and improve significantly my speaking skills enjoying the holidays?! I really needed to make a smart choice and I made a smart one….I chose Smart Center!
Oh, I don’t know where to start from to tell you the wonderful time I spent there! It was so exciting to work with all those talented teachers and at the same time, wonderful people! I got pleasure not only from the lessons but also from all the new students I met! Every minute in Smart meant for me, it enriched me! I was filled with emotions and full of knowledge! I saw myself satisfied, improving day by day! I had no fear of speaking English and in the same time I was enjoying my holidays! I was having a great time not only outside  the classroom, but above all I was enjoying the holidays in the classroom because only with Smart Center learning English is loving English!
Erjomina Shahaj