TOEFL Seminar 2: Reading Practice Test

On April 22nd Smart Center will be holding its second TOEFL Seminar. This time we will cover a practice test from the reading section of the TOEFL.
The TOEFL is divided into four sections: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The aim of each section is to measure your level of proficiency to ensure you are prepared to enter an English speaking university and compete with exuberance.
The total length of the test usually runs between 3 1/2 – 4 hours and each section is tested individually. Also, you’re skills are cross-tested. In other words certain parts of the test will, for example, require you to read an essay on a certain topic, listen to a lecture on the same topic and demarcate the main idea and associated details made in each.
Furthermore, you must compare the contesting points and formulate a well thought out opinion including a singular thesis supported by details which clearly show your point of view.
Moreover, the content of the test has the tendency to be quite technical and very academic, including material that is challenging even for native speakers, due to the depth and complexity of topics.
In the seminar we will cover a reading section sample to give you a taste of the level of difficulty. We will look at a particular piece of academic literature in depth and the questions which follow.
As usual you will be challenged to formulate well constructed arguments that are both logical and convincing.
For if we are ever to embark on intellectual discourse, we must dive deep and retrieve our most prized possession with courage and perseverance. In so doing we confront our fears and overcome them with conviction and excellence.
“Never, never, never give up.” – Winston Churchill
Alexander Loughead
Smart Center Professor of German and English
P.S.: For those of you who’ve written essays at the previous seminar, not to worry, you’ll receive your feedback very soon!

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  • TOEFL Seminar 2: Reading Practice Test