Online Spoken English Courses at Smart Center

Do you wish to immensely improve your speaking skills in English? Have you extensively honed your English skills in reading, writing and listening but are just having difficulty improving your speaking skills?
We have just the course for you. With our Spoken English courses you will be challenged deeply to speak with insight, confidence, logic, sound arguments and ideas and the sort of comprehensive rhetoric expected at the university level or any other field.
With all the courses we’re able to offer, our approach is completely student centered.
As much as possible we adhere to a learning approach where the student(s) speaks 80% of the time and the teacher 20% of the time. Through this process you as a student are challenged to the utmost degree to produce quality abstract ideas coherently and articulately wherein you become so eloquent and well-spoken, you are able to teach the material you learn. This is a sign of true education.
With our courses, you are in the spotlight and you will be substantially challenged again and again to strive for excellence albeit guided and supported on your road to success.
Not only will you gain speaking skills, you will learn confidence and conviction in your rhetoric. You will learn how to capture an audience and convey powerful, persuasive messages and ideas. You will find your voice.
Come down to Smart Center :). Learn, grow, find yourself and excel beyond what limits you think you have. As the famous boxer Muhammad Ali once said:
“Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion.”
Alexander Loughead
Professional English Language Coach/Teacher