If Not Us, Who? And If Not Now, When?

In the past you’ve heard about the services offered at Smart Center. Something you may not yet have heard about is the core values we here at Smart Center hold in our heart and our minds.
With our talented and dynamic team of English teachers, we’ll bring you through a learning experience unlike any other. Moreover, at our exquisitely specialized institution we will present you with the challenge of not only mastering the grammatical components in Reading, Speaking, Writing, but also the comprehension & production of worthwhile, quality abstract concepts.
For, this is our true, sole objective: to help our students acquire the skill of illustrating clear and coherent ideas at the university level of an English speaking country. So if you are interested in:

  1. Studying at a university in Albania or abroad
  2. Need to improve your English for professional purposes
  3. Want to fundamentally learn English from the elementary age
  4. Simply want to learn for your own reasons, join us today!

Whatever the case, you belong here. Take a chance and shape your future the way you see Fit!