A twin success story

Successful twinsAlmost one year ago, I decided to sit the TOEFL exam. Everyone said it was a difficult exam and finding good teachers to help me prepare was definitely A MUST! In a common conversation with my friends, somebody mentioned Smart Center, a foreign language center with foreign and Albanian teachers.
So there I was, at Smart Center’s door, hoping to find the help I needed to succeed in the exam. The first weeks were the hard ones. Introducing with the exam was a little bit discouraging. I realized there was so much to learn in such a short period of time.
But then, the days followed each other and learning the rules and tricks to pass the exam was becoming not only easy, but also fun! Thanks to my well-prepared teachers, one month later, I had a good score in TOEFL. Scoring 102 points was definitely one of my biggest achievements.
So, what do I think of Smart Center?
Well, it gave me all the chances to pass the test. It also gave me the chance to meet foreign teachers and their great teaching methods. Learning was easy and fun and it felt so good to be surrounded by nice and generous people.
I miss that month at Smart Center and if I could go back there, I definitely would.
Silva Hajrulla
Last year I had to take the TOEFL exam. I knew it was difficult, but that was not my biggest problem. The preparation for a foreign language exam takes time and dedication, while I had only one month to get ready for it. It was a big challenge. At the beginning it seemed quite impossible. But here I am, with a TOEFL certificate in my hands. I succeeded in passing the exam, having studied for such a short time at Smart center.
Going there for one month definitely improved my speaking and writing skills . I had the privilege to be taught by foreign teachers that knew English perfectly. Their determination and professionalism helped me a lot and gave me the confidence I needed. I studied in a group of two people, together with my sister. We took lessons of writing, reading, listening and speaking.
I had a very pleasant time at Smart Center. The teachers were friendly and I felt very comfortable. It might sound hard to believe, but yes, I had a great time while learning English.
At Smart Center I found out that studying can be fun too.
Now i know everything is possible, if you choose the right people to help you. Smart Center was obviously a smart choice.
Stela Hajrulla